Accessing the Aid for Mammography Fund

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The Aid for Mammography Fund helps local residents in need obtain clinician office visits, breast exams, screening mammograms and other necessary related diagnostic procedures. It is available to qualifying low-income, under-insured and uninsured valley residents.

Since the early 90's the color PINK has been associated with breast cancer and the highly recognizable pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. Years ago, Citizens State Bank (now First Security Bank) and Soroptimist International of Hamilton began donating funds to aid women in obtaining free mammograms at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital. Read More.

To qualify for Aid for Mammography funds you must be a Ravalli County Resident and your gross family income must be equal to or below 200% of the federal poverty level.

Assuming you qualify and are in need of a screening mammogram, there are two ways to access Aid for Mammography funds:

1. Your primary care provider can submit a written authorization request. Read More.

2. You do not have a primary care provider complete an application and MDMH will assist you in finding a provider if your application is accepted. Read More.

Additional Information
What does the Mammogram Screening program include?
How often should I get a mammogram screening?

Schedule your annual screening mammogram, it is easy! Call the Mammogram Hotline at (406) 375-4188 or for questions about the Aid for Mammography Fund call (406) 375-4824 or visit

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