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Eye Sight Matters
Mark Calderwood - Bitterroot Valley Eye Associates

SAVE THE DATE - Thursday, April 13th
Age can bring changes to your eyesight. Learn how your weight, diabetes and overall health can impact your eye health. Leave with nutrition and eye care tips to protect your vision as you age and how the common eye problems can be easily treated. Get your eye sight checked, starting at 4:45pm.

Blood Pressure Matters
Eugenie Haight, MD, Bitterroot Physicians Clinic

Thursday, October 13th
It is never too early to start managing your blood pressure. High blood pressure affects 1 in 3 Americans, young and old. Uncontrolled high blood pressure raises the risk for heart disease and stroke, the leading causes of death in the United States, as well as dementia.Learn the simple secrets to managing your blood pressure for optimal health. Get your blood pressure checked, starting at 4:45pm.
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Memory "Cognitive Health" Matters
Stuart Kieran, MD, Bitterroot Neurology

Thursday, November 17th
Good cognitive health, like physical health, is very important as we get older, to stay independent and keep active.Learn simple steps to protect yourself and support your loved one when dealing with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia.
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Caregivers and Executors Matter
Katherine Herczeg, MSN, APRN and Larry Johnson, Attorney at Law (Not Pictured)

Thursday, December 8th (1.5 hours)
Aging is inevitable and being prepared for end-of-life regardless of your age reduces the burden on your loved ones. Learn how to take care of yourself and those you care for and the important items to have in place from a Living Will to Advance Directives. Leave with a check list you can use to get your personal affairs in order.
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Caregivers Matter Handout
Healthy Weight Matters!
April Weinberger, MD, Corvallis Family Medicine

Thursday, January 12th
Start the New Year with clean and healthy eating. Learn ways to manage your weight and diabetes with tips on meal planning and preparation, savory and smart recipes and curbing the cravings. Include recipes for attendees to take home.
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Heart Health and Nutrition Matters
Anthony Navone, MD - Marcus Daly Cardiology Clinic and International Heart Institute Institute

Thursday, February 9th
Learn about heart healthy nutrition! What you eat and how much of it matters to your heart. This class is designed for anyone diagnosed with cardiac disease or those just looking to improve their diet. You will learn the latest on reducing the risk of cardiac disease through proper nutrition, including what fats actual do to your body, the difference between cholesterol and fats, and more!
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Bone Health Matters
Anne Weinberger, ANP, Bitterroot Physicians Clinic and Desiree Dutton, MPT, Marcus Daly Rehabilitation Services

Thursday, March 9th (1.5 hrs - 2 speakers: BPC and Rehabilitation)
Osteoporosis disease has a direct correlation with diet, exercise, and overall health. Start the conversation with your family, low bone mass and osteoporosis is on the raise in younger ages. Healthy habits are critical in avoiding and controlling this debilitating disease. Learn how to determine bone mass, get tips on having healthy bones and ways to avoid bone fractures. Get your posture checked, starting at 4:45pm.
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