Marcus Daly Hospice Services

Each patient and family of Marcus Daly Hospice will receive excellent medical care and compassionate support from specially trained nurses, staff, and volunteers.

"He grew so fond of those that cared for him;
It gave meaning and dignity to his last days."

When you are a patient of Marcus Daly Hospice, whether you are being cared for at home or are in the Hospice Center you have access to:

On call nursing care, 24/7
Medical supplies and equipment brought to your home
Personal Care aides
Spiritual, emotional, and social services support
In-Center Respite Care when home care providers need a break
Bereavement support and counseling
Trained volunteers to offer assistance and companionship

Support and care provided consists of skilled professional services, assistance with personal care, provision of needed medical equipment and medications, companionship, spiritual and psychosocial counseling, respite care, and in-patient services needed to manage acute medical needs related to the terminal diagnosis.

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