Hospice Volunteer Award

Marcus Daly Hospice and Three Volunteers Receive Awards
Marcus Daly Hospice Services and three volunteers have been recognized for their commitment to end-of-life care by the Hospice Care Foundation of Missoula. On Tuesday, January 21st, Kevi Berger, Director of the Hospice Care Foundation and Salinas Callison joined over 30 Marcus Daly Hospice Volunteers to celebrate their accomplishments. Kevi Berger shared, "You are all amazing. When you shine it makes our job so much more fun. It is an honor be here today and to recognize all of you for tirelessly working thousands of hours, stepping in when there is a shortage, and giving your kind hearts to assist those at end-of-life."

Hospice Care Foundation gave out thousands of grant dollars over the past year, and was proud to award Marcus Daly Hospice a grant in the amount of $300 for patient care. In addition, Berger was excited to announce that Marcus Daly Hospice was the first to have a volunteer trio receive the "Honoring our Heroes" Outstanding Volunteer Award. Berger shared, "these three ladies have been supporting hospice individually and as a team. They are known as the busy elves that get the job done. These three ladies have been a part of the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital system for years as employees and are now volunteers. These ladies are Judy Fowler, Ellen Green, and Wanda Green." "After being a nurse for years and retiring from Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital," said Wanda, "I knew if I was going to go back to work as a volunteer, it would be in hospice. Hospice is a special place and it is a joy to be involved with the program, patients and their families."

Marcus Daly Hospice continues to deliver dignity, comfort, and care at end-of-life, as well as offers a bereavement service on Tuesdays and on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month a bereavement breakfast, the No One Dies Alone program, and Back Pack Program. For information about Hospice Services, programs and / or how to become a volunteer, please call Marcus Daly Hospice at (406) 363-6503.

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