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Extraordinary memories have been made through the thousands of babies born at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

We realize that each delivery is unique and therefore focus on supporting your wishes for your personal birth experience. Our goal is to ensure that you and your family have the most memorable experience. Through family-centered maternity care, you are included in decision-making during labor, delivery and postpartum care. Once your baby enters the world, you stay together unless you request otherwise or your baby requires special medical attention.

At Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital each new mom and newborn is made as comfortable as possible and cared for by doctors and nurses who specialize in delivery and newborn care. In addition, we are proud to offer lactation serves to all interested new moms.

"Julia is my third child, and a C-Section was necessary. As all of my birth experiences have been great, at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital it was exceptional. It is a smaller hospital, so the care is extremely personalized and everyone is nice." Jennifer Feighner, MD

Celebrate Baby

Each baby born at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is a miracle and treated as one! Newborns go home in their personal car seat, receive a free professional photo shoot, and the moms get a portrait of their new bundle of joy, along with lots of other goodies from Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital. Ask about the Celebrate Baby program.

Childbirth Class

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital recognizes that giving birth is an extraordinary experience. We welcome expecting parents to participate in the childbirth classes offered four times per year from 7pm to 9pm by the Marcus Daly Medical Staff. During this four week childbirth class you will meet the medical staff and delivery teams and learn about the array of delivery services available to you close to home. During this class you will learn and explore the childbirth process based in part on the Lamaze method emphasizing breathing and relaxation techniques, pain management options, decision making practices, lactation practices, and pre and post delivery expectations. Expecting parents will have an opportunity to tour the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital birthing facilities and the class size is small, creating a comfortable environment to ask questions and explore the many birthing options. For more information call (406) 375-4654.

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