Bitterroot Physicians Clinic(406) 363-1100
Family Medicine & Internal Medicine
1200 Westwood Drive
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 363-2148

Walker Ashcraft, MD
Mandi Griffin, MD
Lawrence Hammond, MD
Allen W Jones, Jr., MD
Jennifer Krueger, PA-C
John Moreland, MD
Susan Reynolds, FNP
Robert Smith, MD
Anne Weinberger, ANP

Convenient Care Clinic(406) 363-0597
(No Appointment Necessary)
1200 Westwood Drive, Suite H
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4858
Monday - Friday: 11am-6pm & Saturday: 10am-3pm

Carol Calderwood, MD
Patrick Grimm, PA-C
Jennifer Krueger, PA-C
Virginia Forbes, FNP

Corvallis Family Medicine(406) 961-4661
Full Spectrum Family Medicine
1037 Main Street
PO Box 1119 (Mail Here)
Corvallis, MT 59828
Fax: (406) 961-4260

Yvonne Courchesne, MD
April Weinberger, MD
Nicolett Weston, FNP

Bitterroot General & Vascular Surgery(406) 363-4574
1150 Westwood Drive, Suite C
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 363-4769

Frederick Ilgenfritz, MD

Bitterroot Orthopedics & Sports Medicine(406) 375-4868
1200 Westwood Drive
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4655

Jeremiah Clinton, MD
Timothy Woods, MD
David Vande Kieft, PA-C

Bitterroot Valley Eye Associates(406) 363-5434
300 North 10th Street, Suite A
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 363-5210

Mark Calderwood, MD

Hamilton General Surgery(406) 363-0345
1150 Westwood Drive, Suite D
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4525

Luke Channer, MD

Hamilton Obstetrics & Gynecology(406) 375-4777
1200 Westwood Drive
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4778

Mary Camden, MD
J. David Laraway, MD

Ravalli Urology(406) 375-4888
1224 West Main Street
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4867

Matthew Munding, MD

Rocky Mountain Neurosurgery Center(406) 375-4714
1190 Westwood Drive
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4709

Richard Day, MD
Jennine Brogan, FNP

Emergency Services(406) 375-4800
1200 Westwood Drive
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4590

Clint Adkins, DO
William Doyle, MD
James Hansen, MD
Brian M. Kelleher, MD
Frank McHugh, MD
Joshua Pacheco, MD
Samuel Urso, DO
Ben Watters, MD

Hospitalists(406) 363-2211
1200 Westwood Drive
Hamilton, MT 59840

Lawrence Brouwer, MD
Jason Cohen, MD
John Courchesne, MD
Jennifer Feighner, MD
H. Brett Heath, MD
Allen W Jones, Jr., MD
Mitchell Marzo, MD
Randy Stewart, MD
April Weinberger, MD

Lance Pysher, MD - Radiologist(406) 375-4426
Riverside Radiology, LLC

Private Practice Clinics*

Bitterroot Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery(406) 777-4477
715 Main Street, Suite B
Stevensville, MT 59870
Fax: (406) 866-766-5458

Robert Alexander, MD

Bitterroot Foot & Ankle Clinic(406) 363-4214
330 North 10th Street, Suite B
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 363-4354

Chad Dickemore, DPM

Bitterroot Neurology(406) 375-9310
1019 West main Street
PO Box 2218 (Mail here)
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-9305

Stuart Kieran, MD

Family Medicine Center of the Bitterroot(406) 363-3627
Family Medicine
330 North 10th Street, Suite A
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 363-3638

H. Brett Heath, MD
Randy Stewart, MD

Life Span Family Medicine Specialists(406) 777-5522
715 Main Street, Suite A
Stevensville, MT 59870
Fax: (406) 777-1175

Kirk Crews, MD

Ravalli Family Medicine(406) 363-5104
411 West Main Street
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 363-2894

Lawrence Brouwer, MD
Kathi Harder-Brouwer, MD
Allisun Jensen, PA-C

Ravalli Orthopedics and Sports Medicine(406) 361-7680
312 Fairgrounds Road
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 363-4060

Gregory Behm, MD
David Nolan, PA-C

Visiting Medical Staff*

International Heart Institute(406) 375-4665
1200 Westwood Drive
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4439

Bradley Berry, MD
Michael Reed, MD
Michael Yerkey, MD

Marcus Daly Laboratory(406) 375-4428
Pathology Consultants of Western MT, PC

Adam VanRegenmorter, MD-Pathologist

Marcus Daly Sleep Center(406) 375-4801
1200 Westwood Drive
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4867

Rolf Holle, MD
Jennifer Krueger, PA-C

Specialty Clinic(406) 375-4617
By Appointment Only
1150 Westwood Drive, Suite E
Hamilton, MT 59840
Fax: (406) 375-4526

Oncology(406) 728-2539
Wednesday Only
John Linford, MD

Pain Services(406) 541-7246
(inside Rocky Mountain Neurosurgery Center)
Monday Only
Patrick Danaher, DO
Steve Kemple, DO

Podiatrist(406) 543-5333
Thursday Only
Karl Mangold, DPM, AACFAS

Pulmonolgy(406) 375-3819
Third Monday of Each Month
Eric Stern, MD

*Private Practice Clinics includes Medical Staff with Active, Limited Active or Associate Privilege status at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital. And the clinic's privileged Allied Health professional Staff. Visiting Medical Staff have Limited Active, Consulting, Courtesy, or Associate Staff status and offer outreach services at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

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