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Mammogram Screenings
When it comes to screening for breast cancer, there is plenty of confusion out there. What age to start at? Screen every year or every other year? What about MRI and ultrasound? Some medical groups recommend one thing and others another. [ Read more on "Mammogram Screenings" ]

Questions and Answers about Mammogram Screenings
Last week the U.S. Preventive Task Force unleashed a controversy when they released new guidelines recommending that screening mammography begin at age 50 rather than the current recommendation of 40, and that screening mammography should be every two years rather than annually. This advice contrasts with continued recommendations of other groups including the American College of Radiology, the American Cancer Society, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists who continue to advocate for mammography starting at age 40. [ Read more on "Questions and Answers about Mammogram Screenings" ]

Last week Doctor Jergens discussed colorectal cancer and mentioned several screening tests for colorectal cancer, including standard colonoscopy and "virtual" (CT) colonoscopy. This week, I am going to expand on those two screening exams. [ Read more on "Colonoscopy" ]

Appendicitis is a well known medical condition that requires urgent surgery. Historically, many normal appendices were removed due to inaccurate diagnoses, but this is less common today since advances in medical technology have made diagnosis easier to determine. [ Read more on "Appendicitis" ]

General Surgeons
I am often asked what types of surgery I perform as a General Surgeon. The name General Surgeon" is a bit of a misnomer and is confusing to the general public. A more appropriate name might be abdominal surgeon. "General" implies that we do all types of surgery and don't specialize in one area of the body. In reality, by far the most common surgeries I perform involve the abdomen or belly and consist of appendectomies, gallbladders, colon resections, hernias, and bowel obstructions. [ Read more on "General Surgeons" ]

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