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Hospital Events and Classes

2017 Health Education Series

Community Education - Seven Class Series
Location: Blodgett and Canyon Conference Rooms
Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Eye Sight Matters: Mark Calderwood, MD, Bitterroot Valley Eye Associates
Age can bring changes to your eyesight. Learn how your weight, diabetes and overall health can impact your eye health. Leave with nutrition and eye care tips to protect your vision as you age and how the common eye problems can be easily treated. Get your eye sight checked, starting at 5pm.
Thursday, April 13th

Event: Roll for Control
Date:April 18th -May 12th
Time:2x/wk for 4 weeks, Tuesday and Friday, 11am -12pm
Location:MDMH Rehabilitation Center
Description:Roll for control will help you lift, tighten and strengthen your core muscles! This helps with maintaining balance and bladder and bowel control.
As we age the pelvic floor, breathing diaphragm, and abdominal muscles become deconditioned and do not work as efficiently. You will learn how these muscles work together and practice exercises that will help you get them working efficiently again.
Classes include a variety of exercises and come with an exercise ball, band, and clip, as well as take home materials for you to continue to exercise safely at home.
Cost: $85
Space is limited, sign up today!
Call 375-4570 or click to register!

Event: Hospice Volunteer Training
Date: April 27th, 28th, & 29th
Time: Thursday & Friday; April 27th & 28th, 6pm - 9pm & Saturday; April 29th 9am - 3pm
Location: MDMH in Conference Room B
Description: Training and educating individuals to become Hospice volunteers. Presenting the philosophy of Hospice. Individuals will become equipped with proper tools in helping others experience a dignified end of life journey.

Event: When Grief is Complicated, the 2017 HFA "Living with Grief" Webinar
Date: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017
Time: 11:00am-2:00pm (lunch provided)
Location: Blodgett/Canyon Rooms, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital
Description: Ten to 20 percent of individuals who encounter loss experience more disabling reactions, including Complicated Grief or other conditions triggered by the loss, such as PTSD. This program examines how to identify complicated grief reactions and when referrals to specially trained professionals may be indicated and necessary. For questions please call Marcus Daly Hospital at 363-6505.

Event: Mother's Day Tea
Date: Saturday May 13th
Time: 3:00pm
Location: Marcus Daly Hospice Center
Description: Inviting the community to a silent auction and Mother's day tea that will be held at the Hospice Center. The silent auction of artwork and a Montana sapphire ring will be held in the Hospice living room. The Mother's day tea will be held in the Hospice dining room during the duration of the silent auction.

Event: Red Cross Blood Drive
Date: Friday, May 12th, 2017
Time: 10:30-4:00pm
Location: Conference Rooms B/C, MDMH
Description: Give the gift that saves lives. Schedule at, or contact Doug Peterson at 363-6503, ext 4722.

Event: Fit and Well
Date: October 10th - November 16th
Time: 2x/wk for 6 weeks, Tues and Thursdays, 12pm to 1pm
Location: MDMH Rehabilitation Center
Description: The Fit and Well Program was designed to help individuals in the community learn about safe and effective exercises that can be performed at home to maintain a fulfilling and active life. The program involves brief pre and post class assessments that allow the participants to see their progress and/or where they may need improvements. Participants will complete the Fit and Well Program with an individualized exercise program consisting of core and general strengthening, flexibility, endurance, and balance exercises that can improve their ability to carry out daily activities safely and independently. Call 375-4570 or click to register!


Marcus Daly's is focused on meeting our patients and community needs. Enjoy reading about the many different ways your hospital makes a difference in your community.

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Baby New Year; Bitterroot Valley's first baby of the New Year delivered at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital
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MDMH Hospice hosts 25th annual Tree of Lights
Ravalli Urology Clinic re-opens at MDMH
WHO, UN honor Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital with official Baby-Friendly designation
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Hospital hosts meeting on cognitive, brain health
Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital opens clinic in Darby
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Hamilton High grad selected for MDMH Scholarship 2016
Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital pays back cost of sports physicals to schools
Bitterroot College to offer phlebotomy tech class
Hospital Director of Nursing passes Torch
Hamilton Rotary's Scramble helps Daly Hospital
MDMH named a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital
Top responders: Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital EMS named agency of the year
Babysitting basics: Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital hosting annual Babysitter Boot Camp
MDMH named a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital
Corvallis Schools receive $6,500 grant for nurse
Top responders: Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital EMS named agency of the year
Marcus Daly Hospital to host talk on causes of knee pain
Stress can have a negative impact on your health
Marcus Daly hospital to host heart health class
Fixing your nutrition can improve overall health
Doctor to host class on neck pain at hospital in Hamilton
Passing the torch: MDMH mammographer Kathy Miller retires after 27 years
Glaucoma causes large number of people to lose their vision
About medicine: Dry eyes can cause health problems, discomfort
Bullock visits Hamitlon and hears benefits of help act
New ICU improves care for patients
Daly Hospital recongnized for overall excellence
Sprinkle Pink raises over $102,000 for fund
Grants contribute $19,000 to Sprinkle Pink fundraising effort
Hospital to present healthcare series on aging
It is important to thank caregivers
Physical therapists can have a big role in breast cancer treatment
Early breast cancer detection is key, and free
Sprinkle Pink Grand Finale held in Stevensville
Think BIG when dealing with Parkinson's disease
Falls are number one cause of death due to injury for seniors
Bling-A-Bra contest entries on display in Stevensville
Mammo Men: Annual contest raises money for mammography

Community Health Needs Assessment Report

2015 Community Health Needs Assessment Report
2013 Community Health Needs Assessment Report

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Spring 2016

Medical Staff Health Columns
Marcus Daly's Medical Staff is committed to you and your health. Enjoy the health education. Columns that are printed in the Ravalli Republic every Wednesday and available to you online.

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"Do I Need a Knee Replacement?"
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Arthoscopic Surgery
Kids and Hydration
Allergies or Cold?
Keeping Your Kids Safe in the Sun
The Mind's Eye
Brain...Myths and Facts
Language Versus Speech
Preventing Baseball/Softball Injuries
The opioid epidemic and its impact on orthopaedic care
Healthy Bones: Starting it off right
Osteoporosis Prevention Starts Early
Low Back Pain
Oh but I love sugar!

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