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Events Calendar
Please join us in attending the many health education classes and events available
at your local hospital.

Artful Grieving Classes (Free) - July 27th, 29th and 31st from 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Sports Physicals - Thursday, August 6th or Wednesday, August 12th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AED - Monday, August 3rd from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Blood Drive - Thursday, August 6th from 11:0am to 4:30pm

Marcus Daly's is focused on meeting our patients and community needs. Enjoy reading
about the many different ways your hospital makes a difference in your community.

Great Care at Hospital
Babysitting Boot Camp Prepares Teens for Duty
ICU Nurse Receives Inagural Excellence Award from Peers
Hospital to Offer Free Cholesterol Screening and Health Fair
Corvallis Kindergartners Take a Tour of Marcus Daly Hospital
Classes on Arthritis at Marcus Daly Hospital

Community Health Needs Assessment Report
2015 Community Health Needs Assessment Report

HealthLines Newsletter
Learn about hospital services, awards, staff and more!
Summer 2015
Spring 2015

Medical Staff Health Columns
Marcus Daly's Medical Staff is committed to you and your health. Enjoy the health education.
columns that are printed in the Ravalli Republic every Wednesday and available to you online.
Kids and Hydration
Allergies or Cold?
Keeping Your Kids Safe in the Sun
The Mind's Eye
Brain...Myths and Facts
Language Versus Speech
Preventing Baseball/Softball Injuries
The opioid epidemic and its impact on orthopaedic care
Healthy Bones: Starting it off right
Osteoporosis Prevention Starts Early
Low Back Pain
Oh but I love sugar!

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