The Imaging Department at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

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We are proud of our comprehensive service providing sophisticated clinical application of imaging technology.
Services include:
Diagnostic Radiology
CT Scans
MRI Scans
Bone Densitometry

Patients using Radiology services at MDMH will notice the state-of-the-art digital equipment. The main hallway to the Radiography and Fluoroscopy (R&F) Room is wider and accommodates the "brains" of the department - the equipment that translates your scanned images into digital pictures. There are no longer white light reading boards glowing on the wall. Computer monitors now sit on the desks to read x-rays. Film is no longer used at MDMH for x-rays.

The term "picture archiving and communication systems" (PACS) is used to describe the technologies that are eliminating film. Other names that reflect the PACS technology more accurately include "the film-less radiology department" and the "all-digital radiology department.

New digital mammography equipment is housed in the recently created Women's Center, the largest and most dramatic part of the renovations to the MDMH Radiology Department. The new mammography system will help physicians detect and diagnose breast cancer patients earlier and more accurately "This new digital technology will help us provide the most advanced care for our patients,' said Cathy Miller, MDMH Lead Mammographer, "because a precise diagnosis is the first step toward getting a patient treatment and on the plan to good health." The suite of nicely appointed waiting, dressing and exam rooms with a separate entrance was created to give women more privacy during mammogram and ultrasound procedures. "Every woman's needs are as unique as the woman herself. Whether she is embracing motherhood or battling an illness, we've tried to make the experience more comfortable, simple, and inviting", said Miller. "We've got top-notch doctors and the latest equipment, but it also is about receiving care in an atmosphere of calmness and confidence."

Lance Pysher, MD
Dr. Lance Pysher is the physician who interprets the images obtained during Imaging Services. His services are billed separately from the hospital's, so you can expect to receive a bill from Riverside Radiology for his professional fees in addition to your bill from MDMH.

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