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University of Michigan - LSA College, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI


St Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI


St Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI - General Surgery


Diplomat, American Board of Surgery

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Current Health Columns

Breast Cancer, the 75 year perspective
In the era of "The Greatest Generation", the 1940's, only 72% of women diagnosed with Breast Cancer lived for five years. Today the five-year survival is 97%. This remarkable improvement in the results of treatment has several causes. Of significant importance is the education of women to pay attention to themselves. Regular self-examination of the breasts by women was previously strongly encouraged, but large studies have questioned the value of self-exam. It appears to result in more surgery with no influence on cancer mortality. A more modest goal of increased breast self-awareness has gained support recently. This personal awareness, along with increased public awareness of the issue has helped significantly. Read More on "Breast Cancer, the 75 year perspective"

Five Unusual Hernias
If someone tells you they had to have a hernia repair, you would ordinarily think of just a few common types they might have had. Most often, you would think of the typical inguinal hernia (in the groin area); or perhaps the umbilical (belly button) hernia. Another common type is an incisional hernia at the site of a previous operation. There are, however 15 or twenty different types of hernias, some of which are quite rare and a bit interesting. Read More on "Five Unusual Hernias"

Treating Animal Bite Injuries
Bite injuries, particularly those with some tissue removed can result in significant cosmetic and functional problems. This problem is fairly common; about 50% of the population will at some point in their life suffer an animal bite. Animal bite wounds account for about 1% of all emergency room visits. Examples of animals inflicting bites in the Bitterroot would include dog, cat, horse, donkey, bear, wolf, lion, raccoon, badger, and reptiles. Read More on Treating Animal Bite Injuries?

Is the newest, smallest, and fastest always best?
How surgical innovations come about.Kids growing up are always trying to find something to brag a bit about. "My dog's bigger than yours." "My brother can beat up your brother." "I have pretty hair because its: curly, long, short straight"…you fill in the blank. This seems to be built into the nature of children somehow. You can imagine Abraham Lincoln bragging about how many books he read by candle light. Another drive is to do something that hasn't been done before. Climb the tallest mountain, swim the ocean, go over the falls in a barrel. And finally people seem to have the need to take good things to an extreme. For example: eat the entire container of ice cream, or build an enormous house, or wear the smallest bikini. Read More on Is the newest, smallest, and fastest always best? How surgical innovations come about.

Muscle Compartments, What could go wrong?
During normal life we are not aware of the coordinated movement of the muscles of our arms and legs as they alternately contract and relax to allow us to go about our activities. There is actually a very complex interaction of the muscles to finely control our movements. This includes both complex tasks such as typing and large muscle tasks such as running or just getting out of bed. The muscles connect to our bones and cross various joints, and in some cases they connect to fibrous tissue called fascia. Read More on Muscle Compartments, What could go wrong?

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  • Past Professor of Surgery, 1999-2000 Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
  • Associate Professor of Surgery, 1990-1999, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery, 1986-1990, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
  • Counselor, Michigan Chapter American College of Surgeons, 1999-2000
  • President, Medical Staff, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, 2001-2004
  • Dr. Ilgenfritz became an Attending Surgeon at MDMH in 2000. He came from Michigan with his wife Martha and their four children. He has had many articles published in numerous medical journals as well as articles in the Ravalli Republic relating to his specialty.


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