Convenient Care Clinic

Convenient Care Clinic

1200 Westwood Drive
Hamilton, MT 59840

Monday - Friday
11am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday
10am - 5 pm

To better serve you, Convenient Care is open 7 days a week!
Access is off of 10th Street in Hamilton, next to the hospital’s Emergency Department.

Welcome to the Marcus Daly Convenient Care Clinic

When it's not quite an emergency, but it's urgent!

Minor injuries and illnesses always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. Whether it's you or your child, a fever or a sore throat, a rash or the flu... quick help you can count on is available through Convenient Care. For the inconvenient times in your life, Convenient Care is here to help you and your family get on the road to recovery again! If you are uncertain whether you should go to the emergency room or Convenient Care, call us at (406) 363-0597. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Meet Our Team

  • Marcus Daly Convenient Care Clinic Carol Ann Calderwood, MD
    Carol Ann Calderwood, MDPrimary Care
  • Marcus Daly Convenient Care Clinic Robin Yeargan, FNP
    Robin Yeargan, FNPNurse Practitioner
    Robin Yeargan, FNP began her medical career in a rural hospital in Alabama, she then transition to larger medical facility. During this time she recognized her love for local town people and her appreciation of smaller hospital systems. Read More →
  • Marcus Daly Convenient Care Clinic Katherine Herczeg, MSN, APRN
    Katherine Herczeg, MSN, APRNNurse Practitioner
    Katherine Herczeg, MSN, APRN has been practicing medicine as an Adult Nurse Practitioner for over 10 years. She has extensive experience in caring for patients of all ages. Read More →
  • Marcus Daly Convenient Care Clinic Sharon Colchin, FNP-BC
    Sharon Colchin, FNP-BCNurse Practitioner
    Sharon Colchinstarted her medical career as a Registered Nurse working in the Bitterroot Valley in 1995 and it wasn’t long before she made her way to Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital working in the Home Health and Hospice departments.. Read More →

For questions please call (406) 363-0597

Convenient Care Clinic Services

Convinient Care offers walk-in medical care for you and your family - seven days a week. No appointment is necessary- just drop in or call us at (406) 363-0597.

  • Bronchitis
  • Cough, Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Earache
  • Minor Cuts and Burns
  • Minor Fracture Care
  • Most Back Pain
  • Simple Wound Infections
  • Sinus Infections
  • Skin Conditions
  • Sore Throat
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Urinary Infection


  • Roll for Control

    The pelvic floor, breathing diaphragm, and abdominal muscles work together to help us maintain our balance along with bladder and bowel control. As we age or experience ...

  • Marcus Daly Balance Program

    Older individuals are more likely to have impairments resulting in balance issues and an increased risk of falling. This can result in being less independent at home and even ...

  • ASHI First Aid, CPR and AED

    This ASHI First Aid, CPR and AED is a one day class from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is video-based, instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills needed to ...

  • Diabetes Health Education Class

    Are you and or a loved one diabetic or pre-diabetic? You’re not alone, we want to help you better understand diabetes. On Thursday, November 21st Dr. Meredith F. Ross of ...

  • ASHI First Aid, CPR and AED

    This ASHI First Aid, CPR and AED is a one day class from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is video-based, instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills needed to ...

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What Our Patients Say About Us

  • "Corvallis Family Practice- is the most amazing clinic! I am so very thankful for all the amazing people that make CFP possible-I have the most complete and total confidence in all of you-thanks so much."
    - Anonymous
  • "I have had very good Lab tests for over a year-nurse call to inform me the results and directions for change (if any) in meds and when to return for my next test. The lab tech does painless blood draw-always efficient (and) professional."
    - Anonymous
  • "Overall, I felt well cared for as a patient of Dr. Calderwood. This includes the entire staff. I have and always will recommend him to anyone who is looking for an optometrist."
    - Anonymous