Marcus Daly Bladder Cancer Services

Providing Contemporary Bladder Cancer Care in Hamilton, Montana

As an integral member of Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital's wide range of health care service teams, Bitterroot Surgical Associates offers customized and comprehensive urology cancer care; including pre-cancer screenings and cancer prevention for patents with a higher risk of developing bladder cancer.

Bitterroot Valley Bladder Cancer Treatment

At Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, some of the many bladder cancer treatment options we offer include:

Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview®

The Marcus Daly Surgery Center is one of only a few health care providers to offer blue light cystoscopy, a unique technology to detect and diagnose tumors in the bladder. Also known as Cysview®, this enhanced imaging procedure helps the urologist find bladder tumors more easily than standard cystoscopy (examination of the bladder through a small scope), which can miss some tumors that are too small to find with standard cystoscopy.

The Benefits of Cysview®

  • Better inspection of the bladder for cancer, especially small or flat tumors.
  • Better removal of bladder tumors when they are first discovered.
  • Leads to fewer recurrences of bladder cancer.
  • Improved information to use to plan future care for bladder cancer.

How Cysview® is Used

In the waiting area prior to cystoscopic surgery for bladder cancer, a catheter is placed into the bladder through the urethra and is used to place the Cysview® solution in the bladder. The solution is left in the bladder for about an hour prior to the surgery.

When surgery starts, a scope is used to inspect the bladder first with a regular white light. Next, the inspection is repeated with blue light to identify bladder cancer cells. Any abnormal areas are biopsied.

Cysview® Can Be Used In

  • Patients with suspected first-time bladder cancer planning to have a biopsy.
  • Patients who have not previously been evaluated with Cysview® at the time of checkups for tumor recurrence.
  • Patients with multiple non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.
  • Patients with positive urine cytology with no visible tumors with standard cystoscopy.

To Learn More About Cysview® and to Schedule an Appointment, Please Call (406) 375-2930

Intravesical Therapy

Intravesical therapy for bladder cancer involves the placement of a liquid drug directly into the bladder.

Partial Cystectomy

A partial cystectomy is a surgical procedure where part of the bladder is removed.

Transurethral Resection (TUR)

Also known as a transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT), a transurethral resection is utilized when bladder cancer spreads to the muscle layer of the bladder wall.

Urological Treatment for Bladder Cancer in Hamilton, MT

If you are experiencing a urology-related health issue, please call (406) 375-2930 or use our online scheduling option to make an appointment with the experienced Montana urology team at Bitterroot Surgical Associates to find out which treatment options are right for you.


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