Volunteer Profile - Bonnie Roth, Hospital Auxiliary

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital Volunteer Profile

Bonnie Roth has been a Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Volunteer for over 15 years. We sat down to chat with Bonnie to find out what keeps her coming back and why more members of the Bitterroot Valley should volunteer with the Marcus Daly Pink Ladies.

  • Name: Bonnie Roth
  • Years Volunteering: 15

Why did you start volunteering at Marcus Daly?

When I retired from teaching 18 years ago, I knew I couldn’t just sit around at home all day, I needed to do something, so I decided to join the Pink Ladies (Hospital Auxiliary).

MDMH: What do you love about being a Hospital Auxiliary volunteer?

BR: The atmosphere, the people I work with. I’ve always been interested in health care and hospitals, when I was younger I thought I would become a nurse someday, but I ended up teaching instead.

What keeps you coming back as a volunteer year after year?

I just really love doing it!

Why would you encourage other members of the Bitterroot Valley community to join the Pink Ladies?

Once people find out just what we do for the hospital they become more interested in being involved. Most don’t realize how much equipment we purchase for the hospital or the amount of volunteer hours we contribute, just in the last year we’ve accumulated over 8,000 hours.

Plus there’s the social side of being an Auxiliary volunteer too. I just really enjoy volunteering for Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital!

The Marcus Daly Pink Ladies are in need of new volunteers! Visit our Volunteer page for more information on signing up with the Hospital Auxiliary, or for information on other volunteer opportunities available at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.



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