Financial Assistance Program

Financial Aid for Medical Care in Ravalli County

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital extends financial assistance to patients that meet all financial criteria and received care that was deemed medically necessary. The Patient Financial Assistance Highlights provides guidelines for financial assistance based on financial need to self-pay patients receiving emergency and other non-elective services for medical conditions.

Each application is reviewed by committee and assistance may range from full write-off to discounted care or application not approved.

Download the Patient Financial Assistance Application Form (PDF)

Please see your statement for contact information. Each Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital service bill, invoice, or other summary of charges includes Patient Account Representative phone number and a statement in bold regarding payment options and financial assistance provided at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital or call (406) 375-4498.

Financial Assistance Highlights

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital's mission is, Our commitment to the Bitterroot Valley is quality, accessible, personalized healthcare. As part of this mission, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital offers financial assistance through its Financial Assistance Policy to patients for emergency or other medically necessary care.


Consistent with the mission of Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital to provide quality, accessible, personalized healthcare to the Bitterroot Valley, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is committed to provide free care to uninsured individuals who are in need of emergency medical care or other medically necessary treatments.


Free care is provided only when care is deemed medically necessary and after uninsured patient has been found to meet all financial criteria. Click Summary of Financial Assistance and or Financial Assistance Policy for more information. All other sources of funding should be exhausted before approval of financial assistance program (such as Medicaid, Crime Victims or other programs).

Uninsured patients who are believed to have the financial ability to purchase health insurance will be encouraged to do so in order to ensure healthcare accessibility.

Financial Assistance is not considered an entitlement and each determination of eligibility stands on its own. Past acceptance of an account for financial assistance does not guarantee future accounts will also be accepted.


Patients who are uninsured and have household income at or below 100% of Federal Poverty Guideline may be eligible for free care. Patients who are uninsured and have household income between 100-200% may be eligible for partial financial assistance, which will be determined on a case by case basis based on the ability to pay.

  • A financial assistance application must be completed to determine eligibility.
  • When determining eligibility Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital does not take into account race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and social or immigrant status.
  • Household must demonstrate inability to work if patient or spouse is not working full time.
  • The amount of assets owned by the patient/household will be considered in the decision. These situations will be assessed on an individual and case by case basis.
  • If Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital determines any documentation or information provided is untrue the application will be denied.
  • The patient must be a resident of Ravalli County unless the services were for emergency care.

Application Process

  1. To apply for financial assistance, patients must submit an application including supporting documents to Patient Financial Services, 1200 Westwood Drive, Hamilton, MT 59840 either in person or by mail.
  2. Click for an application or pick one up at the Patient Financial Services department. Applications must include all requested information. If the application is not complete, it will not be processed.
    • Additional information that may be requested include: bank statements, proof of income for applicant and spouse (if applicable) such as 3 recent pay stubs, unemployment payment stubs or prior year tax return.
    • External sources may be used to validate information such as credit scores, State of Montana property information
    • Gross Annual income will be used to determine eligibility.
  3. For a minor child with divorced parents, household information from both parents must be received.
  4. For patients who are separated but not divorced financial information from both parties is required.
  5. Applications are reviewed and processed on a case by case basis and by committee. Financial Assistance is limited, therefore MDMH adheres to the policy and guidelines to ensure that the most qualified receive support. Approved applications are valid for a period of six months. If the patient has services that require additional financial assistance and the application is more than six months old a new application must be completed.

Actions in the Event of Non-Payment

Patients are responsible for their incurred healthcare expenses. It is the policy of Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital to pursue collection of patient balances who have the ability to pay for services, Billing and Collection Policy. Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital may take collection actions if financial assistance application and/or payment are not received. MDMH offers prompt pay discounts, payment arrangements, online bill pay and the public benefits program MASH. To apply for assistance through MASH please call (406) 327-4317.

For Marcus Daly Patient Financial Services call (406) 375-4498.

For further information, please call Patient Financial Services at (406) 375-4498.


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